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Garden City
Country: Kenya
Market: Kenya
Date of original investment: 2011
Deal type: Real estate development
Changing the face of Real Estate in Nairobi​

Garden City is a mixed use greenfield development which has the scale and scope to change the horizon of north west Nairobi. The site, which is expected to open for business in 2014, is located on a prime 32 acre plot of land adjacent to the upgraded Thika Road. It will incorporate the largest mall in East Africa.

Garden City will comprise retail, leisure and residential segments and the delivery is being managed by Actis’s East African platform, Mentor Management, and UK based property management company Aspire. Garden City is using a ‘green-by-design’ approach incorporating sustainability measures from the very beginning of the design process: current features under discussion include water recycling and rainwater harvesting, the installation of solar collectors and the extensive planting of indigenous trees and landscaping forming a central park. Actis has a track record of successful real estate projects in Kenya, including its office complex Nairobi Business Park.