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South Africa

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Management buy-out

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Energising South Africa

Without reliable and secure electrical infrastructure, sustained economic development is impossible. It powers commerce, fuels industry – and creates possibilities.

For more than 100 years, Actom (formerly Alstom) has led the way as South Africa’s major electrical engineering, manufacturing, distribution and contracting company. The business runs 43 production facilities, owns 42 operating units and has 36 distribution centres across the country. It employs 7,500 people in South Africa, all working to ensure that supply meets the country’s demand for electricity.

Actis invested in Actom in 2008. This strategic partnership enabled the company to work closely with Eskom, South Africa’s state-owned electricity company, as the government embarked on a huge capital spending programme to build the network of power stations and power lines needed to meet South Africa’s growing domestic consumption. Building on its successful track record with Eskom – and drawing on the firm’s other areas of expertise – Actom secured a growing number of Eskom’s Boilerserve contracts and additional tenders.

Actis has also worked with Actom to improve operational efficiencies across the business. These include driving working capital management and cash flow generation and overseeing the company’s compliance with international environmental and safety standards.

As South Africa and other Southern African nations continue to build out their much-needed infrastructure, Actom is playing a key role in helping them fulfil their potential.