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Building tomorrow’s infrastructure today

The Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited (‘IDFC’) has been part of India’s development story since it was established in 1997. It is the country’s foremost integrated infrastructure finance player and provides end to end infrastructure financing and project implementation services. Dedicated to building world-class infrastructure in India it has been the driving force behind more than 200 separate projects.

The company’s mandate is 'Enabling India' – and it offers a wide variety of services to the infrastructure industry including loans, private equity, advisory services and capital markets activities. But IDFC’s commitment to building India's infrastructure goes beyond business. It also works closely with government bodies and regulators to advise and assist them in formulating policy and regulatory frameworks that support private investment and public-private partnerships in infrastructure development.

Actis invested in IDFC in August 2010. Since then it has been working with its management team to bring the company’s risk categorisation process in line with international standards for assessing and managing social and environmental risk in project financing, as set out in the global Equator Principles. Actis has also been helping the IDFC team measure the benefits of renewable energy projects.

In April 2014, IDFC was granted a new banking licence by the Reserve Bank of India.