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Pan-Asian oil, gas and marine products distribution

Distributing more than 60,000 product lines across nine countries, Singapore’s KS Distribution is Asia’s leading oil and gas and marine products distribution business. It represents more than 300 globally accredited brands and reflects the vision of award-winning entrepreneur Kris Wiluan to create a unique pan-Asian business to serve these industries.

KS Distribution was formed in a US$230m deal funded by Actis and KS Energy, through a merger that brought together the existing distribution business of KS Energy (KSE), chaired by Kris Wiluan and two Singapore-listed oil and gas distribution companies: Aqua-Terra Supplies Limited and SSH Corporation.

Since the merger in May 2010, the team has worked together to identify cost savings and areas of additional growth, including integrating the sales forces, cross-selling and the better management of inventory and working capital. The Actis team has also assisted KS Distribution’s board in upgrading the company’s labour protocols to reflect global best practice standards.