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Setting the foundations for success

Based in Malaysia, MFE designs aluminium formwork systems – moulds into which concrete is poured – that are used to build standard concrete structures such as condominiums and multi-storey apartment blocks.

Traditionally, the global construction industry has used formwork made from plywood sheets, but for structures used on a continual basis, it is increasingly adopting computer-designed steel formwork systems, which reduce construction times. However, steel formwork systems require property developers to invest in heavy lifting equipment. MFE’s formwork, with its use of lightweight aluminium, provides a lower cost alternative as it eliminates the need for expensive cranes. This technology is ideally suited to the emerging markets as they undergo rapid urbanisation.

Established in 1991, MFE employs more than 600 staff and its proprietary technology is behind a host of construction projects across South East Asia, India and the Middle East.

Actis invested in MFE in 2007 and exited in 2012.