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Waking up to a better day with Mouka

Each night millions of people across West Africa fall asleep on a Mouka mattress. It’s a brand synonymous with quality and durability from Nigeria’s market-leading manufacturer of foam mattresses and furniture. The Moukarim family, who founded Mouka in 1972, have been developing businesses in West Africa for over 100 years. Mouka incorporates the largest polyurethane production plant in the region and pioneered the use of fire retardant foam in the Nigerian market.

Demand for Mouka’s products – which also include spring mattresses and polyurethane blocks, pillows and sheeting used to make furniture – has grown as Nigeria’s emerging middle class swells and young people leave home earlier and set up independent households. The country’s industrial boom has also led to an increased need for hotel accommodation.

Actis’ investment in Mouka in 2007 helped it evolve from a well-respected family-owned business into a sustainable, successful corporation with a growing market share. At board level this involved implementing best practice corporate governance and executing efficiency drives across the manufacturing process, logistic and supply chains. In 2009, Mouka opened a new production facility in Kaduna, north-western Nigeria, and its latest range of Comfy mattresses are proving enormously popular.

Actis exited Mouka in July 2015.