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Plateno Hotel Group (formerly named 7 Days Inn) is a leading economy and mid-tier hotel chain operator in China. The combination of efficient service, clean rooms and value-for-money proposition attract a large and growing customer base, dominated by domestic business travellers and tourists. Plateno Hotel Group, which delisted from the NYSE in June 2013 differentiates itself from competitors via a low-cost operating model, supported by strong IT and execution capabilities.

Plateno Hotel Group is one of the largest and fastest growing chains in China with over 1,800 hotels in operation - growing from just five hotels in 2005. The company leases properties and converts them to hotels, or manages hotels for franchisees.

In line with Actis’s recommendations, the Plateno Hotel Group management team has been building stronger environment, health and safety systems and practices. The management introduced their ‘Green Hotel’ initiative in 2010 that removes one-time room amenities such as toothbrushes and slippers and encourages customers to bring their own toiletries or purchase re-useable ones on site. More recently they have consolidated their suppliers and established an employee recreation club in Guangzhou.