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Applying for a university place is a potentially defining moment for any young person. The stakes are high and competition is fierce.  While teachers and parents can provide support, sometimes an expert eye is required. This is where EIC comes in.

EIC is the largest player in the Chinese overseas education counselling service sector, providing coaching services to students seeking an education abroad. In China, university places are oversubscribed and in some places the quality is poor, leading many students to look elsewhere. But applying to a university abroad can be a bewildering process.

EIC offers advice on the country of study, the academic institutions and the courses on offer. EIC supports students and their families throughout the application process right up to their arrival on campus. EIC also provides English test preparation.

Established in 2000 in Guangzhou, today EIC has offices in 20 Chinese cities. Its founder Joe Li became involved with international education standards as early as 1992 when he helped set up the state-owned, Guangzhou Overseas Study Service Centre. Joe’s longevity in the industry and the reputation he and his staff have built up for best practice have enabled EIC to cultivate very strong partnerships with universities everywhere from the UK to Australia to the USA; it also has a strong track record in its marketing reach and relationship management standards.