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Higher education for all

A university education can improve social mobility and job prospects. It’s therefore an investment that many people see the value in making. In Brazil, demand for private post-secondary education is growing. It’s a market driven by rising wealth, limited capacity in public institutions and government policies that are making further study more affordable through scholarships and the development of student finance.

Founded in 1965, Universida de Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional (Cruzeiro), is one of the institutions providing quality tuition to the lower and middle-income students. Led by the pioneering educationalist, Professor Hermes Ferreira Figueiredo, Cruzeiro is widely recognised for its academic merit. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate study, long distance learning and k-12 education.

In January 2011, Actis invested US$102million in Cruzeiro. At the time, Cruzeiro was serving 36,000 students across eight campuses and comprised three institutions: the University Cruzeiro do Sul (São Paulo-SP), Centro Universitário do Distrito Federal (Brasília-DF) and Centro Universitário Módulo (Caraguatatuba).

Since Actis’s original investment, Cruzeiro has completed four acquisitions: UNICID in July 2012, UNIFRAN in June 2013, FASS in March 2015, and CEUNSP in December 2015 taking Cruzeiro past the 130,000 student mark.

In backing Cruzeiro, Actis drew upon the firm’s extensive knowledge of the education sector across the emerging markets, including investments in CNA, a Brazil-based provider of English language training, The EIC Group, China’s largest provider of overseas education counseling services, and Ambow, provider of personalized education and training services in China.