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In the 1970s, the phrase ‘brain-drain’ would often come up in conversations about India’s educated and skilled workforce – a reference to the migration of Indian knowledge workers abroad, as they searched for opportunities then unavailable in India.

It’s a different story today. From manufacturing to services, knowledge to research, India has become a skills hub, attracting businesses and people alike. Veeda Clinical Research is one of the companies benefitting from this transformation. Veeda is the largest clinical Contract Research Organisation (‘CRO’) in India with a diverse product offering and a geographical footprint that spans India, Europe, and the US.

Veeda operates in Early Clinical Development (‘ECD’) and Oncology, being one of the few CROs outside of the US and the EU that has performed ‘first-into-man’ studies for presentation to US FDA for approvals. With its well-developed product portfolio, Veeda Oncology offers drug companies a complete service to support the complex development of cancer-targeting medicines. Veeda has also carved out a niche for itself in trials of generic drugs.