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As more and more Brazilians build their personal wealth, they are keen to understand money matters and learn how to make it work for them.

XP Investimentos, Brazil's largest independent brokerage firm, is a pioneer in providing individuals with access to financial education. It boasts the largest capital markets educational programme in Brazil and has trained more than 500,000 people in topics ranging from personal finance basics to advanced portfolio management strategies.

In Brazil today, universal banks dominate the market and mostly limit their offering to their own products. XP’s independent status enables it to offer its customers – in one place and with low minimum tickets – access to stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, bonds, pensions, insurance and many other financial products.

XP began operations in 2001 and currently is the clear leader in both the online and the independent advisory channels. With Actis’ backing the company has diversified into new product lines and made five acquisitions, while client numbers have doubled. Actis brought in non-executive Director, Mark Collier, formerly President of Charles Schwab Europe and co-CEO of Schwab International, to strengthen the board.

In December 2012, Actis announced the partial realisation of XP, selling about half its original stake to private equity firm, General Atlantic.