Recruitment and talent

Actis has a team of approximately 300 people operating across 17 offices globally from Mexico City to Seoul. Attracting and retaining exceptional people who are committed to our markets in order to deliver excellent performance through a broad base of individuals is a key aspect of future proofing the firm. Attracting and retaining talent begins with recruitment where we are focused on widening our channels through initiatives such as blind CV screening and improving diversity metrics within the process. 

Actis’ summer associate programme is an important part of this process and has proven to be a key talent pipeline for recruiting top talent into the firm. The programme offers between 10-15 post-graduate students each year the opportunity to complete work placements across our energy, infrastructure, private equity and real estate teams globally, with the aim of offering full time associate positions starting the following year to successful candidates. This year, we have further enhanced the programme by broadening the firm’s reach of target universities and business schools globally; improving our diversity and inclusion goals and metrics throughout the recruitment process and; enhancing the way in which we support and track associate performance.

Once embedded in the firm, the focus then becomes how we induct, develop, monitor and promote star associates to principal and how we inclusively root employees in our firm culture and values. Performance management is another fundamental pillar of our talent strategy – creating a high performing culture with the Actis values at it’s core, able to deliver consistent financial performance to our LPs.