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Energy Transition in Africa

16 September 2021 James Magor, Sustainability Director London, Lisa Pinsley, Director: Head of Middle East & Africa, Energy, Jennifer Boca, Guest Author, Head of ESG, Lekela Power and Libby Hirshon, Guest Author, Director of ESG, BTE Renewables
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Nowhere is the Energy Transition vs Energy Access dilemma more acute than Africa. A continent with significant prospects for rapid economic growth but significant parts of it are hugely dependent on fossil fuels, not just for energy but for jobs too. 

Energy poverty remains high and so what is the experience of companies actually working there? How open do they find communities, governments and other stakeholders to the transition?

Watch the video for the full podcast by James Magor, Sustainability Director; Lisa Pinsley, Director, Head of Middle East & Africa; Jennifer Boca, Head of ESG, Lekela Power and Libby Hirshon, Director of ESG & BTE Renewables.

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