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Macro Forum insights and perspectives September 2017

01 September 2017
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In this edition of the Actis Macro Forum Insights and Perspectives, we are covering a huge number of air miles as we move from Kenya’s electoral tumult to the contrasting fortunes of the countries of Francophone West Africa, before heading north to Egypt and its progress along the path of reform. Then we head west over the Atlantic to review recent developments in Brazil, one of the countries where we have made significant investments as a firm over the past 12 months. Finally, we turn to the newest member of our forum, Nico Escallon for his report on the improving fortunes of the three countries making up the Andean pact, Colombia, Peru and Chile, where as Actis, we have already invested in the energy sector and are increasingly seeing interesting opportunities in our private equity business as well. Of course, all of the insights we glean from our presence on the ground in our markets must be seen against the backdrop of increased volatility and uncertainty across the world, most notably in traditional developed markets. This may translate in the short term into a period of dollar weakness and an increased appetite for EM risk amongst investors. However, we all hope that by the time of our next issue we will be able to reflect on some reduction in the geopolitical tension we see manifested currently on the Korean peninsula and elsewhere.

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