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Street View Actis Macro Forum March 2019

04 March 2019
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Street View is a new name for this publication reflecting the ability of the Macro Forum network to look behind the headlines to deliver local insights and perspectives from colleagues on the ground.

This edition of Street View – is focussed on the presumption that more of everything-people, capital, debt does not represent a sustainable basis for growth.

Our journey begins in China. Our friend Dr Simon Ogus, CEO of DSG Asia, a Hong Kong based economic research and advisory business contributes a guest article looking at the changing growth model of the largest EM economy. Simon highlights that China is running out of ‘easy’ productivity fixes. Debt accumulation partly reflects an unwillingness to abandon the model of rapid fixed capital growth which served so well in the past. Given the close relationship between China and the rest of Asia, an economic correlation of well over 0.8 JP Morgan claims, the outcome here matters to investors everywhere.

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