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Eduardo Bozo

Director, Energy Infrastructure

Office: London

Team: Energy Infrastructure

Born and raised in Bolivia, Eduardo understands the impact responsible private investment can have upon society. Since joining Actis in 2003, Eduardo has witnessed the growth of the Actis brand and its ability to open doors to opportunities others might miss.

Eduardo joined Actis from ABN Amro Corporate Finance and prior to that, BISA Financial Group. He spent his first three years at Actis operating from Bolivia. In 2006, he transferred to London to join the Investor Development Group before joining the Energy team in his current position as COO and co-investment manager of Globeleq.

The job is not without its challenges: political crises and economic downturns in Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Honduras, Tanzania and Côte d’Ivoire – these are the realities of Actis’ markets. The consistency and effectiveness of the Actis response comes down to world-class investment standards, a solid management team on the ground, and the expertise and support of a global platform.

Eduardo has a Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Oklahoma and completed his MBA at NYU Stern School of Business.

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Eduardo Bozo
From helping build a regional wind power generation business in three Central American countries, to investments in Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa, I can’t think of another business that gives the opportunity to work in such exciting places, generating returns responsibly and making a real impact upon society.