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A leading data centre provider in China

Region: Asia Investment date: Sector: Real Estate Exit date: Deal type: Data Centre Status date: Current

Chayora is a leading data centre provider in China. It enables access to world-class digital infrastructure in China: for both international businesses and domestic sector leaders.

China is transitioning from an investment and manufacturing-based economy to one that is consumption- and service-based. Scalable, world-class data centre infrastructure is playing a key part in that transition, facilitating crucial Web-based services like cloud offerings, banking, e-commerce and content streaming.

In a data center market that is forecast to triple in size by 2025, Chayora has an existing hyperscale, carrier-neutral data center campus serving Beijing and a new campus in Shanghai that is under development. The facilities across the two campuses can jointly scale to over 200MW IT load with access to 100% renewable energy, and Chayora also has the ability to expand into other leading Chinese markets.  Chayora holds all relevant licenses to operate and connect its data centers and provide cloud services access to 100% renewable energy.

The investment partnership between Actis and Chayora combines required capital, extensive power and technological infrastructure project expertise, key customer relationships and China market knowledge with the proven data centre campus platform now established by Chayora’s in-China teams.

“China represents the largest and one of the most challenging markets for global digital infrastructure users and through the team we have built in Chayora, we can address all demands, to any scale for the world’s largest data center customers,” said Oliver Jones, CEO of Chayora Holdings.

The technology sector is particularly poor in gender balance and through Chayora’s involvement with Infrastructure Masons, an organisation that helps technology professionals to connect, grow and give back.  We have been very active in supporting the IM initiative to improve gender diversity in the sector.

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