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Actis acts

Actis Acts is Actis’ charitable foundation, launched in 2018, as a UK Charitable Incorporated Organisation, to support charitable activities linked to Actis’ investee companies, local charities and humanitarian crises affecting regions where Actis operates.

Actis Acts places an emphasis on awarding grants to support charitable activities linked to Actis’ investee companies.

Actis Acts embodies our values by seeking to leave a positive and sustainable impact on the communities surrounding our investments. The Board of Trustees comprise of Brian Chinappi (Chair), Davi Mota, Murray Grant and Natalie Kolbe.

For further information about Actis Acts, including information on the grant application process, please see our application process document.

If you would like to apply for funding, please fill in and submit the application form.

For any other queries or information please contact us.

Making a positive impact in emerging markets

13 Portfolio Companies

US$761,000 Committed Grant Funding

10 Countries

14 Grants

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Discover the impact of Actis Acts.


Actis Acts has a broad mandate to provide funding to a variety of themes, including but not limited to: education, gender, skills, development, entrepreneurship, capacity building, health, environment, financial inclusion and provision of essential infrastructure.

Actis Acts will provide grants to the following 3 areas, however, Actis Acts places an emphasis on awarding grants to support charitable activities linked to Actis’ investee companies:

  • Charitable activities linked to Actis investee companies
  • Partnerships with charities operating in Actis countries
  • Local charities nominated by Actis offices

All merits of each project will be taken into consideration before an award is granted. The key selection criteria include six dimensions, which help guide our understanding of a project’s impact on society and the environment.


  • What is the intended outcome from the proposal, and how important is the proposition to the people or to the environment experiencing it?
  • What is the overall desired impact outcome (e.g., improve health, empower females, job readiness training, etc.)?


  • How will the Actis Investee Company be involved in the Project?
  • What level of monetary commitment is the Portfolio Company contributing toward this proposal? What % of the total sources of funding needed come from the Portfolio Company?
  • How much time and resources will the Actis Investee Company dedicate to the Project?

How Much?

  • How much of the outcome occurs within the time period that Actis Acts will be providing grant funding?
  • Are the benefits sustainable and/or scalable?
  • Is the impact marginal or deep, short term or long term, benefiting a few or many?


  • Who experiences the benefit(s) of the outcome, and how underserved are the beneficiaries in relation to the outcome? (e.g., marginalized groups, disadvantaged groups, youth, women/girls, indigenous people, etc.)


  • How does the intended outcome compare and contribute to what is likely to occur anyway without any grant funding from Actis Acts? (i.e., does Actis Acts’ contribution provide additionally)?


  • Which risk factors are material?
  • The occurrence of which risk(s) will cause a material impact to the intended outcome? How do we propose to mitigate these risk(s) from occurring?
  • How likely is the intended outcome to be different from expectations?