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Jabi Lake Mall

Premier shopping destination

Region: West Africa, Nigeria Investment date: 2012 Sector: Real Estate Exit date: Deal type: Retail Development Status date: Current

Abuja’s Jabi Lake Mall follows in the footsteps of other retail centres developed by Actis: the Palms, The Junction, Accra Mall and Ikeja City Mall. It will be the first destination mall in a capital city of more than two million people, offering 27,000 square metres of grade-A shopping space from a unique waterside location on the shores of Jabi Lake, just ten minutes from Abuja’s central business district.

Built to the highest standards and at least 25% more energy efficient than other buildings in the area, Jabi Lake Mall is expected to become Nigeria’s premier destination for shopping and leisure when it opens in the first half of 2016.

Jabi Lake Mall promises to be the ideal place for international retailers to launch their products to the African market. Recognising this opportunity, Shoprite, the South African supermarket chain, and popular appliances store Game, secured their positions as anchor tenants before construction began in November 2013.

Actis expects Jabi Lake Mall to create over 2,000 jobs whilst attracting more than 300,000 shoppers every month. It will significantly boost businesses in the local supply chain and offer more affordable goods currently unavailable in Nigeria.

Jabi Lake Mall