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Deal Street Asia: Excellent sustainability credentials will help attract buyers during exits: Actis

25 June 2024
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Actis Partner and Head of Sustainability, Shami Nissan, was interviewed by Kavitha Nair from Deal Street Asia for an article focusing on how sustainability credentials facilitate the exit process. Click here to read the full article and read on below for some of Shami’s commentary.


Shami Nissan, Partner and Head of Sustainability at Actis, commented:

“It may be difficult to quantify numerically, but excellent sustainability credentials will help attract buyers.

“[Actis’] comprehensive approach positions us favourably in bidding processes, where these additional social sustainability elements earn us extra points.

“What changes is which particular sustainability risks or opportunities we are addressing at each business in different regions.

“Asia is a region where we see many opportunities for investments and there is growing interest in the region from the investors of Actis, in particular in energy transition.

“Half of the world’s emissions, and population, are in Asia, which is heating twice as fast as other parts of the world. Additionally, energy and electricity consumption in the region is growing rapidly.”

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