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Country: South Africa
Market: Sub-Saharan Africa
Date of original investment: 2004
Deal type: Management buy-out
Homegrown success​

Savcio’s core business is the maintenance and repair of rotating equipment (motors, generators and related mechanical equipment), transformers, static equipment (inductors and switchgear), electrical systems integration, and hydraulic systems. In addition, Savcio’s trading businesses manufacture and distribute raw materials and components both to Savcio and the broader maintenance and repair industry.

Savcio’s principal end markets include mining, power generation and distribution, general manufacturing (steel, petrochemicals and paper), rail transportation and oil and gas. Savcio is well positioned to capitalise on South Africa’s continued focus on infrastructure development (specifically infrastructure opportunities in power generation, power distribution and rail transportation) and near term growth outlook in key end-markets, specifically mining.  

Savcio’s highly experienced management team is committed to best practice corporate governance and all of Savcio’s activities are underpinned by a robust health, safety, environment and quality agenda including a well established community initiative focused on enterprise development and education via CSI, a Skills Development Centre and an Apprenticeship Programme.

Actis invested in Savcio in 2005. Savcio was sold to Actom in 2012.