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Actis announces launch of Orygen and new ceo following acquisition of Enel Generación Perú

18 June 2024
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  • Launch of Orygen follows acquisition of 2.2GW diversified generation platform Enel Generación Perú, the Peruvian subsidiary of Italian energy giant Enel
  • Specialised and experienced management team put in place, with Marco Fragale as Chief Executive Officer

LONDON, 18 June 2024: Actis, a leading global investor in sustainable infrastructure, has announced the launch of Orygen, its latest energy platform operating as an independent power producer in Peru. The inauguration of the Orygen brand follows Actis’ acquisition of a 92.35% stake in Enel Generación Perú S.A.A. and 100% stake in Compania Energetica Veracruz last month.

Orygen will commence operations with a 2.2GW diversified energy generation installed capacity, including Peru’s largest renewable energy portfolio. The business plans to further increase this market-leading renewable energy offering on the back of a 12GW development portfolio. Orygen’s current assets comprise four different energy generation technologies: solar, wind, hydroelectric and thermal gas.

Marco Fragale has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer to lead Orygen. Marco is an experienced energy executive, having held numerous roles for Enel across Latin America, including in Peru where he gained a deep understanding of the national market. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and a master’s degree in Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology, as well as an MBA from the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan. Marco has 25 years of experience and has helped drive the energy transition throughout his career.

Alberto Estefan, Partner, Energy Infrastructure at Actis, commented: “It’s an exciting time and with the launch of Orygen, a new story begins for the Peruvian energy market. Actis has great plans for this platform and appetite to mobilise capital behind the business plan. Under the skilled leadership of Marco we’re confident that Orygen will play a critical role in Peru’s energy transition. I look forward to continuing the work to create a successful and valuable platform.”

Nicolas Escallon, Partner, Energy Infrastructure at Actis, commented: “Orygen has bold plans to further build-out what is already a market-leading renewables portfolio to provide a highly competitive and sustainable offering to commercial and industrial customers in Peru. This is a tried and tested approach that has proved highly successful for a number of Actis platforms and our investment in Orygen will allow us to make a meaningful difference in Peru, shoring up energy security and affordability while accelerating the country’s decarbonisation.”

Marco Fragale, Chief Executive Officer at Orygen, added: “Energy is the source of everything. It creates new business, growth and prosperity. Orygen was created with the purpose of bringing sustainable, reliable and competitive energy to the industries that drive the Peruvian economy. We have a broad energy portfolio, operate the largest set of solar and wind assets in Peru, and manage a robust pipeline of renewable projects of more than 12GW. We are committed to developing an ecosystem that protects the planet, improves quality of life and offers competitive prices for all.”

The launch of Orygen enhances Actis’ energy portfolio in Latin America, with the new brand joining Serena Energy and Valia Energia as Actis Energy 5’s generation platforms in the region. Globally Actis has built and invested in 28 energy generation businesses, with an installed energy generation capacity of c.35GW.

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