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Pioneering energy security

The windy season in Central America is complementary to the rainy season. This means that when the wind is blowing, the system can save power in hydroelectric plants.

Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy (GME) is the leading wind and solar energy business in Central America. In 2010, Actis purchased a 70% stake in GME, acquiring the first-ever wind farm in Latin America: Planta Eólica Tilarán (PESA) in Costa Rica. Since that acquisition, Actis has grown GME sixteen-fold in terms of MW capacity, taking it from 24MW in operation to 314MW in operation and construction, 80MW in late development and a proprietary pipeline of nearly 300MW in the region.

GME is now a fully integrated Independent Power Producer employing over 180 people across three countries with solid development, construction and operational capabilities.  It has three power generation plants in operation: Eolo in Nicaragua (44MW), Cerro de Hula in Honduras (102MW), and Orosi (50MW) and Plantas Eólicas SRL (23MW) in Costa Rica.

The work being undertaken by GME has the power to make a tangible difference to the energy security of the region.