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Atlantic Energias Renovaveis S/A

Powering Brazil

Region: Latin America, Brazil Investment date: 2013 Sector: Energy Infrastructure Exit date: 2019 Deal type: Buy and build Status date: Realised

Brazil’s government faces a fundamental problem: how to increase the country’s energy generation capacity.  The last ten years have seen Brazil rely heavily on coal and fossil fuels but planning ahead, the government has recognised that renewable energy will become increasingly more important.

With this in mind ministers changed the regulatory framework to make private investment in renewable energy attractive. It is against this backdrop that Actis expects to invest over $320m in Atlantic Energias Renovaveis S/A (‘Atlantic’), to build over 650MW of generation capacity in Brazil by 2018.

Atlantic develops, owns and operates wind farms and small run-of-the-river hydro plants across Brazil.  Wind energy generated by Atlantic will feed into the country’s vast hydro-thermal grid that stretches across the country, connecting projects from remote areas in the North with major cities in the South like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

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