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GVK Energy

Securing power, ensuring growth

Region: South Asia, India Investment date: 2010 Sector: Energy Infrastructure Exit date: Deal type: Expansion Status date: Realised

One of the challenges facing India is the need to create a world-class infrastructure that will not just keep up with current economic development, but will boost growth, provide a better quality of life and meet the country’s energy needs in the long term.

A true pioneer, GVK Energy was one of the first private sector power developers in India. Its Jegurupadu Combined Cycle Power Plant was the country’s first independent power station. The company’s total power portfolio, which includes the Gautami Combined Cycle Power Plant and the Alaknanda hydro project, has more than 3,000MW of operational capacity. GVK Energy plants are fired by coal, gas and hydroelectric power.

Actis invested in GVK Energy in December 2010 to help the company develop, construct and operate a network of power stations in India.

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