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honoris united universities

Region: Africa, Pan-Africa Investment date: 2017 Sector: Private Equity Exit date: Deal type: Status date: Current

Honoris United Universities is the first African private higher education network bringing together the leading tertiary education institutions in North and Southern Africa.  Honoris United Universities harnesses the collaborative intelligence and the pioneering efforts of these institutions to educate Africa’s next generations of leaders and professionals.

Actis’s strategy for Honoris United Universities began with “beacon” markets in Francophone Africa.  In December 2014, we made an investment in Universite Centrale Group, the leading post-secondary education group in Tunisia.  In 2016, the platform expanded to Morocco, creating a Northern Africa Hub through its investment in Universite Mundiapolis.  Mundiapolis is renowned for its international approach and focus on employability. In 2017, Honoris United Universities acquired EMSI, Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l’Ingenieur, the largest private institution in Morocco and the leading private engineering school as well as Management College of Southern Africa, better known as “MANCOSA” and the REGENT Business School, anchoring the platform in South Africa, an important Anglophone beacon market. Together, MANCOSA and REGENT are South Africa’s leading private distance learning institutions, focused on providing accredited, accessible and affordable education.

As a whole, Honoris United Universities offers more than 100 degrees in fields including Health Sciences, Engineering, IT, Business, Law, Architecture, Arts and Design, Media, Education and Political Science. Delivery is focused on student success and accessibility and includes a blend of on-campus, learning centers and distance learning. The platform’s key values – collaborative intelligence, mobility and agility – unite it in the purpose of securing a successful impact for its students, their families and their communities.

Businesses are looking for applicants with internationally accredited levels of education. Employers in Africa have ambitions across the continent and beyond – they need candidates with global perspectives but who understand the diversity of Africa and their local markets and can demonstrate the skills to operate successfully, this is where Honoris United Universities comes into play.

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