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Nozomi Energy

Region: Japan Investment date: May 2023 Sector: Energy Infrastructure Exit date: Deal type: Buy-and-Build Status date: Current

Actis launched Nozomi Energy, a Japan-focused renewables platform, in May 2023.

Nozomi will target 1.1GW of onshore wind and solar power generation by 2027. The investment is made from Actis’ fifth and latest energy infrastructure fund, which represents $6 billion of investable capital. Actis has recruited a dedicated management team to run Nozomi and deliver its buy and build strategy.

Actis’ deployment of renewables technologies in Japan and North Asia will be a key enabler in the region’s energy transition, supporting a shift to a low-carbon economy and meeting Japan’s national climate targets. Drawing on Actis’ experience as builders and operators of sustainable, scaled energy infrastructure businesses, Nozomi will focus on delivering onshore wind and solar energy generation to support Japan’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46% from 2013 levels, by 2030.

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