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Omega Energia

Region: Latin America Investment date: July 2022 Sector: Energy Infrastructure Exit date: Deal type: Status date: Current

In July 2022, Actis announced that it had acquired a relevant stake in Omega Energia, the largest publicly listed pure renewable energy generation company in Latin America, and signed a shareholder agreement with its founders to join the controlling block.

Omega, a leading player in the renewable energy space in Brazil, has a decade long history of building, acquiring and operating wind, solar and hydro projects across the country. The company has grown its operating capacity seven-fold since its IPO in 2017, reaching 1.9 GW today.

Actis is excited to partner with Omega’s founders and will provide deep sector expertise and fresh equity capital, to support the development of a proprietary growth pipeline to establish Omega as a leader in the Energy Transition space across the Americas.

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Omega Energia