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El Pelicano Solar Company SpA

Region: Latin America, Chile Investment date: 2017 Sector: Long Life Infrastructure Exit date: Deal type: Status date: Current

El Pelicano Solar Company SpA (Pelicano) is a renewable energy producer that seeks to provide clean, sustainable energy responsibly. The company was founded in 2017 and owns a 110-megawatt (DC) solar plant located in the municipality of La Higuera (Coquimbo Region) near Vallenar (Atacama Region) in Chile.  The plant commenced commercial operations on November 2017 and held an inauguration in January 2018, which Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, attended.

The plant is expected to deliver 300 gigawatt hours per year of electricity to Metro de Santiago, Santiago’s underground railway system, under a long-term power purchase agreement.  Metro de Santiago has become the first public transportation system in the world to run on renewable energy and expects to meet approximately 60% of its energy demand from solar and wind power. No other metro system has incorporated renewable energy in its consumption at this magnitude.

Fundamental to Pelicano’s business strategy is implementing a framework of sustainable operations, and therefore the company is committed to ensuring best practices with respect to safety, environmental policies and community relations.  In particular, the company has contributed to the local community by developing an educational program on the benefits of solar energy provided to more than 200 pupils of local schools, delivering portable solar kits, which benefitted 109 families living in rural areas, and 60 solar panels to the local municipality, and hiring local labor and service providers to support the local economy.

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