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Valia Energía

Region: Mexico Investment date: November 2022 Sector: Energy Infrastructure Exit date: Deal type: Buy and Build Status date: Current

Valia Energía is a Mexican energy company that produces the electricity households, industries, and municipalities consume for their daily activities. Valia Energía strives to position itself at the center of the country’s energy transition, towards a cleaner, sustainable future, while providing the country with the affordable and reliable power it requires for its prosperity.

The name “Valia Energía” communicates three of the business’ key principles: the conviction that values drive value; the courage (“el valor” in Spanish) to take action, and the business’ value proposition to customers and to the communities where it invests.

Valia Energía operates over 3.2GW across seven electricity generation assets and associated gas transport infrastructure in Mexico.

Valia Energía is Actis’ latest buy-and-build power platform in Mexico. The investment team will leverage Actis’ successful track record of investing behind ten electricity platforms in the Americas since the early 2000s, while focusing on advancing the Energy Transition as Mexico shifts its energy mix from oil, coal and biomass to natural gas and renewables.

Sustainability is central to the investment thesis and Valia Energía will use Actis’ proprietary measurement framework, The Actis Impact Score™, to define and measure positive outcomes, while using Actis’ Transition Tool to identify decarbonisation opportunities. There will be a focus on further strengthening the company’s approach to health and safety, creating new employment opportunities in the region, and supporting community investment, to continue to generate strong positive social impact.

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