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Actis’ James Magor and Dalmar Sheikh on why Digital Infrastructure is the great leveller

01 June 2022 James Magor, Dalmar Sheikh
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Featured in Infrastructure Investor’s Digital Infrastructure Report, June 2022.

Digital infrastructure has the power to address or exacerbate global inequality, says Actis’ Director of Sustainability, James Magor and Global Head of Data Centre Operations, Dalmar Sheikh.

Digital Infrastructure is in a unique position in that it has the potential to either address or exacerbate inequalities. It is vital therefore that we invest not only in the growth of physical infrastructure itself, but also in the skills needed to achieve digital infrastructure’s full potential.

Actis has been at the forefront of the Energy Transition to Net Zero for many years and will continue to invest in critical infrastructure assets which catalyse systemic change and help the world align to a Net Zero pathway.

Investing in Digital Infrastructure, ensuring more people have access to more information, can help realise a low-carbon future and deliver a Just Transition by supporting economic development and equitable, inclusive growth.

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