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Infrastructure Investor: Power struggles emerge as AI fuels data centre growth

01 February 2024
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Actis’ Global Head of Data Centre Operations, Dalmar Sheikh, was interviewed by Infrastructure Investor for the publication’s February cover story on data centres. Click here to read the full article in Infrastructure Investor and read on below for some of Dalmar’s commentary.


Dalmar Sheikh, Global Head of Data Centre Operations at Actis, commented:

“The data centre world and its customers are really driving the renewable energy industry. There are very few industries where the key players, the key customers, are progressively committing to net-zero or carbon-neutral goals and driving towards it.

“If you look at the importance of digital infrastructure, especially in the markets which we operate in Asia, in Africa, in Latin America, we can see the direct impact of hyperscalers and their service offering on UN Sustainable Development Goals. Having those data centres democratises access to technology. It makes it more cost effective for these countries to compete because cloud computing is there. Digital infrastructure and cloud computing are key enablers in delivering public services such as health care, and education programmes all online.”

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