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Infrastructure Investor: Why Some GPs Are Due To Take A Bath On Data Centres

17 July 2023
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Data centres can be big carbon emitters. The largest corporate buyers of data centre contracts all have net-zero targets and are aggressively trying to reach them. Actis, Partner, Mauricio Guisti, tells Infrastructure Investor that Latin America is about to see more stringent regulation.

With little leeway to continue as heavy carbon emitters, some data centres stand to become stranded assets if they can’t clean up their act.

“Data is the new oil” is a phrase typically uttered in support of acquiring data centres as assets in an infrastructure portfolio. The expression has been used to justify ultra-high EBITDAs, reaching sometimes up to 20-25x, and overall confident investor sentiment. With the competition fierce to snap up these assets, few saw irony in the term.

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