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Infrastructure Investor: Z is for… Zero Emissions

06 May 2024
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Actis Partner and Head of Energy Infrastructure, Lucy Heintz, contributed to Infrastructure Investor’s 2024 Energy Transition report and its piece on climate change and how the world can get to zero emissions. Click here to read the full article and read some of Lucy’s comments from the article below.


Lucy Heintz, Partner and Head of Energy Infrastructure at Actis, commented:

“India has possibly one of the most ambitious net-zero plans globally. It needs to double its energy generation capacity and the government has decided that renewable energy is the solution because it is so cost competitive. It is starting to think about how to solve the intermittency problem in the way it structures PPAs, and it is creating incentives for areas such as green hydrogen and grid-banking renewable energy.

“We have to focus on efficiency because so much of our energy is lost in grids and distribution networks before it is even consumed.

“If you have a concerted effort at all levels – from individuals to companies to governments and global stakeholders – that can really move the needle.”

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