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IPE Real Assets: Sustainable Infrastructure Specialist gets General Atlantic backing

05 July 2024
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Actis Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Michael Harrington, was interviewed by Florence Chong of IPE Real Assets to discuss the firm’s priorities moving forward and the global opportunity for investors in sustainable infrastructure. Click here to read the full article and read on below for some of Michael’s comments.


Michael Harrington, Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Actis, commented:

“We are focused on a highly proprietary project pipeline, and we have become a partner of choice to build infrastructure in our markets. Two of every three deals we do are on a bilateral or trilateral basis. Our partners know that we can help grow their companies and, in doing so, we are adding value to our investment.

[On Nozomi Energy in Japan] “We want to build Nozomi into a leading renewable player in Japan. In the end, we aim to sell the business at a premium. It will not be a single-asset company, but one that is growing and has capital to invest in any cycle. We have built many companies in markets such as Mexico, India, Southeast Asia and Brazil.

[On the hydrogen market]: “When we think of energy opportunity over the next three decades, hydrogen should be a part of the energy transition. We have certain expectations for the cost of capital and the risks involved in different phases of the project development.

“If you look at our portfolio construction in terms of capital we are putting into the Oman project today, it will be a small portion of our fund’s capital capacity.”

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