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Infrastructure Investor Digital: Meeting Digital Demand

27 June 2023
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Actis’ Partner, Mauricio Giusti and Partner, Head of Long Life Infrastructure, Adrian Mucalov, recently spoke with Infrastructure Investor about economies that are increasingly driven by digital technologies and the growing need for infrastructure support.

As economies are increasingly driven by digital technologies, the growing need for infrastructure support – including towers, data centres and fibre networks – is creating attractive investment opportunities globally.

Yet while competition for assets in some segments of the market has increased and parts of the sector have matured in many developed countries, the situation in many emerging markets, such as those in Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia, is quite different. In these regions, growing demand continues to outstrip capacity in many areas. In the US and Europe there are approximately 1,000 users per tower, yet the figure is 4,000 across Latin America.

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