Honoris United Universities: educating a nation

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There is an old saying that “to educate a man is to educate an individual, to educate a woman is to educate a nation”. Honoris United Universities (Honoris) is the first and largest pan-African private higher education platform, it has universities in 10 countries and 32 cities on the continent. From Casablanca to Cape Town, from Abuja to Tunis, it is helping to train a new generation of world-class African professionals, who can have a huge positive impact on their communities.

As educators, Honoris believes that strengthening women’s access to higher education, particularly to disciplines such as STEM, and encouraging women to continue with their studies will promote and increase female leadership on the continent. Offering flexible working arrangements such as distance and online education allows women, especially mothers, to be able to continue their studies while working.

Honoris has also launched specific training courses, such as the Advanced Certificate Women Board Ready recently launched in Tunisia, in partnership with the Essec Business School. More women are needed in governance bodies to offer broader diversity of thought amongst those setting industry standards. This executive training is designed for women working in C-level positions within large businesses, company heads and administrators, but also for experienced woman, able to add value and take on management functions or administrator position in an organisation.

Mr Bilel SAHNOUN CEO of Tunis Stock Exchange notes: “of the 81 companies listed on the Tunisian stock Exchange, only 60 women are directors on the boards for a total of 698 seats, about 9%. An average figure compared to the region, but very far from the statistics of developed countries.”


Honoris is also partnering with the Women in Africa Initiative (WIA), an organisation that encourages female entrepreneurship and leadership across the continent. The pan-African initiative sits at the heart of Honoris’ mission - Education For Impact.

Honoris has partnered with WIA for 3 years, supporting 54 women entrepreneurs each year (1 from each Africa country selected out of thousands) and facilitating an annual entrepreneur ‘boot camp’, alongside the WIA’s other partners. Honoris also offers entrepreneurs free training, tailored to their specific needs and projects. Since the launch of the initiative, nearly 30 women entrepreneurs have benefited from our training, mostly distance or online MBAs.

“Only a collective effort can increase female leadership on the continent and beyond, each of us has a responsibility.” Says Laura Kakon, Chief Growth and Strategy Officer at Honoris.


Honoris students share their entrepreneurship journey at WIA Bootcamp from Actis on Vimeo.


IdeaX - Pioneering Education means supporting innovative ideas from Actis on Vimeo.