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Infrastructure Investor: J is for… Just Transition

07 May 2024
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Actis Partner and Head of Sustainability, Shami Nissan, contributed to Infrastructure Investor’s 2024 Energy Transition report and its piece on accelerating a just transition. Click here to read the full article and read on below for some of Shami’s comments.


Shami Nissan, Partner and Head of Sustainability at Actis, commented:

“Just transition is often misunderstood because people are so focused on carbon.

“It is not sufficient to just be making inherently transitional investments – it has to be holistic, encompassing all social impacts, such as workers, local communities and the supply chain for areas such as critical minerals.

“One of the biggest barriers to transition is skills gaps. We need to create bigger talent pools of engineers and supervisors and so on. It is a huge opportunity, especially as many manufacturing skills are transferrable to transition-related businesses.

“There is no transition without just transition. We have to demonstrate that we can invest according to just transition principles and achieve strong returns. We need to create a win-win to transition quickly, bringing all stakeholders with us.”

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