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77% Women leading the household

The Babilonia Wind Park in Bahia, Brazil, is addressing water security in vulnerable communities. With support from the Actis Acts Program, the project constructed 25 cisterns, benefiting 35 families, and promoting access to clean drinking water for human and animal consumption, as well as food production. Local labour was trained through capacity-building courses, and collaborative solutions were created to overcome challenges. By May 2023, all cisterns were inaugurated, ensuring water security. The project plans to create an institutional movie to showcase its impact. It aligns with the Brazilian Federal Program and emphasizes community interaction. By employing local labour and providing training, the project generates job opportunities, fosters a sense of belonging, and promotes sustainability. Overall, the initiative improves water security, empowers the community, and drives sustainable development in Bahia.

The Babilonia water cisterns project was a collaborative effort, initiated by the Actis Summer intern class of 2022, in conjunction with the Actis deal team and the Babilonia platform management team. Together, all stakeholders worked together to overcome funding restrictions in place in Brazil, which prevent direct funding by Actis Acts to portfolio companies in country. Additionally, Eolicas Babilonia co-funded a sum of US$64.5k (over and above the US$54.5k Actis Acts grant) toward this scheme.

The Babilonia managed team owned the project as one of their ESG initiatives and have been highly engaged in building the concept and planning since the start. After the implementation of the Cisterns, the project management, monitoring and securing the project’s long-term sustainability will all be the responsibility of the company.

25 Cisterns
72% In Olhos D’Água
108 Beneficiaries