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The Street View

Coping with COVID-19: The Street View

31 July 2020
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These pages are usually a mix of observations from Actis colleagues around the world. To get the street level view this time we have turned the pen over almost entirely to our management teams on the ground and our operations teams. COVID‑19 is an all-consuming issue – so we do want to get behind the headlines and hear from a cross section of our 100+ portfolio companies around the world about their day-today response. We are grateful to the three executives – Sriram Mahadevan (Joyville, India), Gaurav Sood (Sprng Energy, India) and Mervyn Naidoo (Actom, South Africa) – who have shared their first-hand experience of life under COVID‑19.

We asked these contributors to focus on the human dimension of COVID‑19 and how they and their companies have fared. The powerful messages remind us of the importance of preparedness, the ability to triage priorities and the value of ongoing community engagement. The stories here only cover a fraction of the world of Actis: there are many more which we will be sharing in future months.

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