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Our View On COP28

Building sustainability leaders is key to meeting the COP28 climate goals

The world’s sustainability challenges are ever more evident. Whether it is climate change, inequality or biodiversity, sustainability issues have never been more important to social and economic prosperity. Ensuring the creation of fairer and more sustainable societies that meet the needs of a growing global population is therefore a critical goal.

At Actis, sustainability is embedded in our DNA. Either by investing in businesses that create solutions to global sustainability challenges, or working with those businesses to turn them into sustainability champions, our aim is to transform infrastructure for a better tomorrow.

That means we invest in sectors such as sustainable infrastructure, new economy real estate and renewable energy in some of the world’s fastest growing markets. Whether it is sustainable data centres that bring the benefits of connectivity to millions, or renewable power projects that support the drive to net zero, we invest in businesses which will be critical in meeting the world’s demands.

Our approach at Actis supports COP 28’s four pillars of climate action: fast-tracking the move to a low-CO₂ world, improving climate finance, focusing on people, lives and livelihoods, and ensuring full inclusivity.

The COP 28 conference offers a huge opportunity to advance the commitment to global climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. In addition, the concept of a Just Transition – one that is carried out in an equitable manner and takes into consideration issues such as gender equality, the social context, and local employment – rightly looms larger than at any prior COP. And, given the event is being held in a region which leads world hydrocarbon output we expect a sharpened focus on transitioning out of a fossil fuel-based economy to a clean energy-based one.

Actis is already playing a significant part in helping meet the world’s climate goals. We are one of the leading investors, developers and owners of clean energy in the emerging markets. We have built 35 energy generation companies since inception, 20 of which are renewable generation businesses. We have owned and operated around 20,000 MW of clean energy across Africa, Asia and Latin America. We have contributed to the avoidance of over 30 million tonnes of CO2. We have a focus on impact, and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are firm believers in the notion that values drive value; that our focus on driving for sustainability outcomes also drives financial value.