How we do it

A differentiated investment approach

Actis is a global platform offering a multi-asset strategy through the asset classes of private equity, energy and real estate. Our depth of experience, global insight and local understanding make us the partner of choice for investors, management teams, entrepreneurs and governments. We invest with an exclusive focus on intra-growth market investing (our 'south-south' approach): sharing knowledge and experience across regions and businesses to help deliver consistent, competitive returns responsibly.  

Rich deal flow 

Actis is resolutely local.  Our competitive intelligence and access to opportunities derive from nurturing close relationships on the ground.  We match this local insight with a global sector approach, which helps us deliver great results. 

A particular strength lies in helping families and founders of local businesses to institutionalise.  We take successful local brands and help them to grow; to attract the best talent; to compete with multinational corporations and to prepare for IPOs. Consequently many business founders seek to work with Actis, resulting in unique proprietary deal flow.

Successful risk mitigation

Revolutions, currency devaluation, inflation, bubbles, hot markets and downturns: we have a wealth of experience inherited from our 70 year legacy as part of the UK Government’s development arm, CDC Group. This enables us to anticipate and mitigate those risks traditionally associated with growth markets.