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We invest behind global themes. We are active owners, driving value and creating sustainability leaders.

We focus on sustainable infrastructure, investing globally in:

  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Long Life Infrastructure
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity

Energy Infrastructure

We invest on a global scale in buy and build power generation and distribution businesses, driven by strong market demand and growth, supporting the energy transition and accelerating the journey to net zero.

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Long Life Infrastructure

We buy operating infrastructure assets with stable contracted cash flows and create operational value over a 10+ year hold period, delivering consistent cash yield to our investors.

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Digital Infrastructure

We focus our Digital Infrastructure investments into three key subsectors: Data centres, towers and fibre.

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Real Estate

We invest in real estate that enables the New Economy.

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Private Equity

Our Private Equity team manages a portfolio of investments in consumer, banking and fintech sectors.

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