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Toll Road India

Transforming Infrastructure

Unlocking The Opportunity

Infrastructure and Sustainable Growth

Central and Eastern Europe: Transforming Infrastructure

Latin America: Boosting The Region

Company Voices: Atlas Renewable Energy, Pan Latin America

Asia: Catalysing Growth

India: Achieving Growth

Middle East and Africa: The Power of Partnership

The Fourth Utility – Delivering the Future

What It Takes to Build and Operate Data Centres

Indian Digital Infrastructure

Latin American Digital Infrastructure

Navigating Data Privacy: Owners and Operators

Greening the Data Centre

Pathways to Sustainable Digital Investment

How Investors Can Make Sense of the Explosion in Digital Infrastructure

Delivering Smart Olive

Road to Smart Olive

Guest View: We Must Act Now: Innovation via Renewables, Gas and Grids

Energy Transition in Africa

Energy Transition in Asia

Weighing the Crisis

Vaccination Taxation

Actis Asks: COVID-19 Survey 2.0

The Shadow Pandemic

COVID-19 Chronicles Revisited: China

COVID-19 Chronicles Revisited: Korea

COVID-19 Chronicles Revisited: MENA

The Power Revolution

Transformation in practice

The new generation: Moving with the wind

The new generation: Solar technology shining bright

The new generation: Hydrogen delivering sustainable energy

Grid modernisation: A key enabler for energy transition

New distribution: Energy storage for a green transition

People drive Performance

Harnessing Human Capital

Equality in Africa

Kipeto: Partnering with Maasai landowners

Brazil: Empowering local communities with land titles

Atlas Renewable Energy: Tackling inclusion through female empowerment

Building For The Digital Age

Data Centres & AI, China: HAL 9000: “Good Morning, Dave”

Power to the data centre!

Corporate view: Rack Centre – growing West Africa’s digital infrastructure

China’s new logistics

Coping with COVID-19

The corporate view: COVID-19: Sprng Energy, Energy

The corporate view: COVID-19: Actom, Private Equity

The corporate view: COVID-19: Joyville, Real Estate

The Actis view: COVID-19: Generating electricity through the pandemic

The Actis view: COVID-19: Operational challenges in Private Equity

The Actis view: COVID-19: Operational challenges in Real Estate, India

The Actis view: COVID-19: Operational challenges in Real Estate, China

The Street View: Korea

Street view or “View of the street”?

Emerging Markets and Covid-19: Crisis or opportunity…or both?

Currencies and COVID-19

COVID-19 chronicles in China

COVID-19 chronicles in Hong Kong

COVID-19 chronicles in Korea

COVID-19 chronicles in The Gulf

COVID-19 chronicles in the MENA

COVID-19 chronicles: Africa Energy

COVID-19 chronicles in Nigeria

COVID-19 chronicles in Kenya

COVID-19 chronicles in Mexico City

COVID-19 chronicles in Brazil