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Actis Generation Offsite – Event Overview

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Actis mentorship programme 2023

Actis Atlas: Redefining Global Investment Opportunity

Podcast: Glen Matsumoto – Berlin Infrastructure Investor 2023

Actis 2022 Highlights

The Energy Transition – Actis (long)

The Energy Transition – Actis (short)

Pelican Solar – Hugo Vits

Pelican Solar – Hugo Vits (subtitles)

Bluepine Energy – Neerav Nanvaty

Bluepine Energy – Neerav Nanvaty (subtitles)

Eólicas Babilônia – Ruy Lima

Eólicas Babilônia – Ruy Lima (subtitles)

Athena Renewable Energy – Ram Mohan

Athena Renewable Energy – Ram Mohan (subtitles)

Yellow Door Energy – Jeremy crane

Yellow Door Energy – Jeremy crane (subtitles)

Levanta Renewables – Sudhir Nunes

Levanta Renewables – Sudhir Nunes (subtitles)

Actis energy generation offsite

Actis: Delivering The Energy Transition

Actis on Biodiversity

Actis on Energy

Energy & Decarbonisation

Echoenergia Renewable Energy

Atlas America’s Largest Green Energy Provider

Lekela Africa’s largest pure play renewable energy independent power producer

Sprng Renewable Energy Platform

Winner of Sustainable Investment Awards 2022

What does it take?

What does it take? (English Subtitles)

What does it take? (Japanese Subtitles)

What does it take? (South Korean Subtitles)

Actis Commits to Net Zero by 2050


Actis Highlights 2021

Actis partners with 50 Climate Leaders

Transition Tool

Real Estate

Energy Infrastructure

Inclusion and Diversity

Actis in action

Echo Energia

Zuma Energia

Ostro Case Study

Welcome to the Actis Macro Forum

Shami Nissan speaks to Ian King Live

Azura Case Study

Actis Impact Score Explainer video

Neil Brown speaks to Sky News

Lekela virtual site visit, a snapshot

Actis and the IFC Impact Principles

Actis portfolio mentoring programme

Inclusion and Diversity at Actis

The Digital Imperative: Data Centres

IREI In Focus: Brian Chinappi on trends and opportunities in the Asia real estate market