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Energy Security in Numbers


drop in solar energy prices since 2010


drop in wind energy prices since 2010

Source: Actis


for a 230-watt solar panel 10 years ago


for a 550-watt solar panel today

Source: Actis


share of electricity generation from wind and solar in Denmark and Uruguay compared to 19% in EU-27 (2021)

Source: EMBER


of global solar panel manufacturing today is from China

Source: IEA


price increase in Natural Gas year-to-date, raising European gas prices to record highs

Source: BloombergNEF (Aug 2022)


share of renewables in the world electricity generation mix in 2021, rising from 18.5% in 2000

Source: IEA, Global Energy Review 2021


increase in renewable power generation necessary annually between 2021 and 2030 to meet the Net Zero level

Source: IEA, Global Energy Review 2021


of total imports of natural gas to the EU came from Russia in 2020

Source: IMF Natural Gas in Europe (Jul 2022)


Since 2013 Actis has mobilised $15bn in renewable energy

Source: Actis

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