Lucy Heintz

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Partner: Energy





“I enjoy adventures in new places and the thrill of meeting people from varied cultures in different environments. And my work at Actis reflects this. Our 100% growth markets focus finds expression in the diversity of people we engage with across all our geographies. We live and breathe growth market risk every day. Life at Actis is never dull. It is different, challenging, intensely human, and it is real.”

During her university years, the thrill of adventure took Lucy on trips to Kenya, Zimbabwe, India, Latin America, Vietnam and Thailand. She was already studying politics, philosophy and economics and, naturally, gravitated to courses on emerging markets and international relations.

Though she pondered a career in development, Lucy eventually decided that financing the private sector was the best alternative. She left her job as an emerging market local currency derivatives trader at UBS Warburg to do an MBA at INSEAD, with the intention of refocusing her career on commercial investment in the emerging markets. It proved to be the right decision, when she was hired by CDC in 2001.

Lucy was a Business Development Director at Globeleq Ltd from 2002, where she focused on African projects, until she joined Actis in 2007. She currently has responsibility for Actis’ renewable energy activities globally, as well as being Responsible Investment Partner for the Energy fund.

To this day, she’s caught up in the thrill of having adventures: meeting management teams and visiting remote power projects, unexpected interactions and local experiences and being part of the human development and wealth creation story in the most dynamic economies in the world.