Energy is crucial to both a country’s economic development and to its populations's well-being. Yet around 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity; an estimated US$4 trillion is required from now until 2035 simply to meet current demand in our markets. Providing electricity to the world's growth markets represents a compelling investment opportunity.  Actis’ energy businesses have touched 80 million consumers and generated 18 GW of energy capacity.

Our Energy funds invest in and aggregate energy assets into scalable regional generation platforms, targeting attractive risk-adjusted returns. The certainty of long term, contracted cash flow protects the downside of these investments. In addition to generation we invest in high growth monopoly distribution platforms where electricity is in scarce supply. 

We are technology agnostic in terms of power generation technologies (wind, solar, gas, hydro) and determine which power technologies are cost competitive in each geography, so that our investments can be cost competitive in any scenario.

We capitalise on Actis’ c. 70-year history of investing in growth markets, and on the local knowledge and contacts of colleagues throughout our organisation both to identify and unlock opportunities and to enhance our understanding of the political and macroeconomic risks endemic to certain of our markets.

Through careful asset selection, growth and management, Actis believes that this energy strategy will generate attractive risk-return outcomes predominantly through capital gain on exit.