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The Street View is our quarterly insight, featuring content curated by professionals across our global regions and investment sectors.

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The Fourth Utility – Delivering the Future

In opening this document, you have just created demand for data centre capacity. Even if you close the digital tab now, your enquiry created and used data. When you realise how great this article is and share it on social media, you will have used even more data (you might also want a reality check, but we hope not!) In 2020 – according to market research firm Statista – the total amount of data created, captured and consumed globally was 64.2 zettabytes. By 2025 forecasts are this will nearly treble. Surprisingly only 2% of this data was stored and retained into 2021. This too grows rapidly – 19.2% per annum to 2025 or nearly 150% over the period.

Digital Infrastructure
Digitalisation & Technologies

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