John Opubor

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“There is no switch that can be flipped to make the Actis machine run. It works because it’s a collection of talented and committed professionals with a passion for their work and markets, together creating a powerful team.”

John nurtured his interest in the growth economies of the world during an early childhood spent in Nigeria and extensive travels with his family throughout Africa. After earning a Bachelors degree in Economics from Columbia University, he worked on Wall Street with Deutsche Bank and Citigroup Alternative Investments before spending five years with the Mergers & Acquisitions group at Credit Suisse.

He was drawn to Actis by the opportunity to pursue a career which enables a strong alignment between his professional goals and personal interests.

John joined Actis in November 2011 and knows that getting deals done in these high-growth markets requires a diverse array of tools and skills; the work is complex, but because of that, it is also intellectually rewarding.​